• Are We a Good Fit?

    “Margaret, are you a good fit for me?”

    I have provided brief introductions to how I approach coaching/consulting and the therapeutic relationship in the counseling process.

    I encourage you to click on the About page to get a sense of who I am as a professional and as a person. Good fit with the therapist/counselor/coach you decide to work with is one of the most important aspects of the work you will do. Poor fit, and you will likely feel dissatisfied with the process. Good fit, and the work, though often challenging, feels like a relief as you do not feel alone in your difficult life situation.

  • Life After A Trauma

    Life isn’t easy after a life-changing trauma. Going back to work, taking care of the children, even making coffee in the morning. All of this can be too much. Especially, when all you can do is remember, feel like you were still there, it was still happening. And often, you don’t feel like you can really tell them – your family, your friends – about what you are experiencing. No one seems to understand.

    You are alone, feeling trapped by the memories. But there is hope. Change is possible. And so is relief. Relief from the non-stop thoughts, the feelings that seem to come out of nowhere. The nightmares that steal your sleep. The sense that you are on your own.

    Contact Dr. Margaret Evanow, so we can begin discussing how to return you to your normal life! When you felt connected, loved, able to be involved. The life you had – ONLY BETTER!

  • When Your Child is in Pain

    Life happens to children too!

    Is your child struggling to be happy? Has something awful happened, changing your once happy, joyful child into someone in the grip of despair? Do you often see your child crying, becoming angry when there seems to be no reason, or starting to isolate, not talking to you anymore. Do they just seem to be a different child? Is your teen turning away, rejecting you as someone who can help.

    Whether young and in elementary school or a teen moving through high school, life is challenging for children, and can even feel too much for them to manage. There is a way to help.

    Counseling can be a way to give your child the support and skills needed to return to their once playful and happy self. Contact Dr. Evanow so we can make a plan to help your child or teen come back to their real self.  Dr. Evanow has extensive training, professional experience, and real life parenting to bring into the counseling room with your and/or your child. Help is here.

  • Struggling – Emotional & Psychological Problems

    Are there times that you feel so alone that you can hear your own heart beating, wondering if life is really worth it. The sadness won’t go away, like a deep pit of dark, following you wherever you go, keeping you from what others have. The worry, the panic, keeps you a prisoner inside, so much worry you can barely breathe. Sometimes you wonder if you can ever live a life with some happiness again, some reason to make it feel worth this struggle.

    You can! There is a way out of this struggle, to life enjoyment and meaning. A path back to YOUR life without psychological and emotional pain. It's not magic that will get you there. Rather, working in counseling with the support of a professional who knows the way out can help you turn things around.

    Counseling can be your way to that life. Contact Dr. Evanow so one of our team can begin to help you learn the skills needed, help you find relief to feel better, making you feel like it is worth the effort! Because a life WITHOUT the struggle IS WORTH IT!

  • Couples Issues

    Remembering how you both once were, so close, so connected, is almost painful. It feels like it was a lifetime ago that you both felt so in love. Now, only angry silence, hot words, holding back tears so as not to show how hurt you really are. Does it feel like you both lost your way somewhere along the journey? Do you feel like the only answer is to separate, end this painful life together, or are you contemplating a lifetime of cold silence together, but not REALLY together?

    Even at what seems to be the end, love can be nurtured back to life. Like a small ember, we can breathe our relationship back into a state of passionate, vibrant love. There is still hope if you really want to work your way back to that warm, connected emotion we call love! Contact me if you are ready to move away from that painful life towards a happier love relationship. There is still hope if you want to work your way back to that warm, connected emotional bond we call love. Reach out today, start moving back towards a state of loving each other once again.

  • Family Problems

    Do you sometimes feel that home has become a war zone rather than a haven where you can relax in the comfort of loved ones? Arguments, conflicts, hurt feelings! Cold angry stares, or maybe, it's become silent strangers in a home once filled with laughter and joy. Does this describe your day-to-day family interactions?

    As a parent, do you feel like you are losing that battle, the battle to keep all of you together and close?

    Family can be one of the most challenging relationships to manage and can go so wrong that we wonder if it will ever get better, if you will ever all feel that close connection you once did. Yet, we can't give up on the most essential part of our lives, our family!

    Yes, family problems can improve. We can get back on the path to family joy and love, connection, closeness, and true peace.

    Contact Dr. Evanow so we can discuss what to do to get your family back on track, back to a level of connection where each family member feels like "home" has become their safe zone again.

  • Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is an option for accessing mental health support. When life circumstances restrict you to your home, seeking counseling may seem out of reach. Whether a health related illness/injury, a serious mental health condition such as agoraphobia, or simply living in a more rural area without adequate transportation options, you may be unable to go to a traditional office setting. Using secure video-conferencing can allow you to attend counseling, to get the help that you need. It is simple and reimbursable through some insurances, including some PPO plans. All you need is an internet connected device (computer, tablet, or smart phone).

    You can change your life right from the comfort of your home... Or, if it is a work schedule that impedes your ability to get to an office appointment, all you need is a quiet and confidential location for you to reach out for help.

    Please contact me if you are confined to your home, working inconvenient work hours, or are unable to obtain transportation to and from counseling services in an office setting. Help is within reach! All you have to do is reach out. It is as easy as accessing telemedicine services.

  • COVID-19 Quarantine Survival Guide

    As the Quarantine in much of our nation and California continues and our stay at home orders remain in place, The isolation and social distancing We have been practicing have become much more difficult. This e-book was designed to help both families, children, and those sheltering in place alone. It appears that our transition out of Quarantine conditions Will take longer than most of us had thought. Please find this e-book as a free gift for you as you continue at home and managing these unprecedented life conditions.  Thinking of all of you!

    Surviving Quarantine by Margaret Evanow