• Is Life Enhancement Coaching right for you?  Should you consider counseling instead?  There is a fundamental difference between the counseling process and the coaching process.  

    Counseling often involves reworking the past – past learned behaviors, past patterns in relationships, and past psychological and emotional traumas.  Often a person is anchored to these past experiences through trauma, repetition (practice), and we feel unable to see ourselves as separate from OUR SYMPTOMS!  If this is the case for you, then Counseling may be the best choice for you.

    But what if symptoms (anxiety, depression, patterns of unfulfilling relationships) are mild or we are looking for more of a life change than relief from symptoms?  What if you simply feel stuck in a life that does not feed you in every area of being? Or, you are doing well in most or all areas, but desire to be even better, more fully an expression of your whole being, the best you can be?  If this describes where you find yourself in life, then Life Enhancement Coaching may be the right choice for you.  Life Enhancement Coaching offers a chance to invest in your MOST OPTIMAL SELF.  A process of self-discovery, of reprogramming self-sabotaging patterns in the present moment, of harnessing our innate power to transform all areas of our life.  Are You READY for the change of a lifetime?  Then call or email to discuss how this power-filled process can help you achieve everything you have longed for and desired.