• Like Coaching, consulting is a process of discovery! Whether a small business faced with current staff/management issues or wanting to grow capacity; or maybe you are an entrepreneur hoping to design your life’s legacy, building from the ground up and wanting to do it the right way for you! Entering a consulting process can take you from where you are now and catapult your business - and you - into a more fully expressed version of what you envision.

    Consulting starts where your business is at, helping you to define your aspirations for your life's legacy work, and your personalized life-work needs. A consulting relationship gives you tools to map your business journey, to manifest the results of your goals, and a process to realize your inspiration in a tangible way. Are you READY for the next level of your business? Ready to grow into the entrepreneur that you know lives within? Then call or email to discuss how this growth-oriented process can shift your business vision and manifest your needs and dreams at a higher level of productivity, profitability, and legacy development.

    Specializing in:

    • Designing/defining your organization's purpose driven mission, putting your vision of a life legacy into a well developed action plan.
    • Process oriented staff development or instruction to improve motivation, morale, and performance outcomes.  ASK ME HOW POSITIVE PRIME CAN TRANSFORM YOUR WORKPLACE MORALE AND IMPROVE COHESIVENESS AMONG EMPLOYEES!
    • Workshops/trainings to improve specific behaviors within your organization's staff or personnel, supervisory level employees, and management/leadership skills building.