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  • Dr. Magaret Evanow

    One of the most important aspects of counseling is the fit between yourself and the counselor you choose.

    That means that getting to know a counselor a bit before you choose to work with them is an essential part of making that decision.

    What would you need to know? The therapeutic methods that they use? Their rates for services? Where they went to college? These may be good things to know, but they won’t really help you know if this or that counselor is a good fit.

    So, let’s be straightforward and ask, “Margaret, are you a good fit for me?”

    Here’s what I think you might need to know to decide if I am a good fit for you to work with in counseling:

    I work from experience, sometimes my own, sometimes from professional work experiences, and many times, simply from the abundance of life experiences that have come my way. My education is just one of those life experiences, and believe me, that education is in the room with us as we work together. But so are my other life experiences, all that I have gathered along my path, is part of what is used to help us find what you need, which path to take towards your own fulling life.

    I infuse the counseling process with real life, because that is why you are here, to deal with real life. Practical ways to apply what you are learning, practical ways to infuse your real life with new ways of living.

    I believe in finding our smiles and bring my sense of humor into a session with clients.

    I am committed to good outcomes for my clients, I believe that is what you are paying for. Sometimes that comes quickly, sometimes it takes longer, but it is our goal and I work hard to provide the type of counseling help that you need so you get what you are wanting from your counseling experience.

    I am passionate about helping adults, children, and families recover when “life just seems to happen to us” and finding a way for you (and your children) to return to “a life that works” as soon as possible. One thing that is essential to the process of counseling is a strong respect and belief in the human spirit. The idea of spirituality is central to everything we as humans do. I'm not referencing religious beliefs, I'm talking about the human spirit to life, survive, long for a life we would love living, and our collective "never give up" spirit. I work hard to tap you into your own human spirit to find the way to overcome life circumstances that may seem to be getting the best of you.

    I am straightforward and direct, believing that we each need to know what is seen by others in order to move towards a healthier way of life.

    I see the counseling process as an act of teamwork, where the “we” is more powerful than the “me”.

    If you still want to know about my particular training, education, and work experience, you are welcome to review my Curriculum Vitae, a summary of my work, education, and training experiences (a work in progress – like it is for all of us).

    Now that you know me a little bit more, know what to expect when we meet to work on life problems, I hope I might be a good “fit” for you as a counselor. I look forward to working with you, your child/teen, or family.

    This IS Counseling With A Purpose!

  • Laura Mondragon, LMFT, Staff Counselor

    My primary specialty has focused on the effects of trauma and finding ways to reduce the suffering caused by traumatic events.  Trauma prevents people from fully experiencing the joys of life.  Healing from trauma does not have to be accomplished alone.  With my specialized training and experience in traumatic recovery, I can be someone who walks with you on your journey to wholeness, to a life more focused on happiness and well-being.  

    Are you ready to move toward a better tomorrow?  I will respect your pace, your beliefs, and individual needs along this journey.  We will become a team, working together to move past the pain and confusion you have been dealing with.  Let's find a way to get you to the life you deserve and desire.

    I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, have experience using specialized techniques for trauma recovery, like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming).  I also have multiple professional experiences working with sexual trauma and assault, emotional and psychological trauma, childhood abuse, and interpersonal violence.  You deserve to feel better, about your life, your self, and your future.  Let me help you along your path to healing.